Our Style

While our style is always a reflection of yours, we are guided by key principles of design that provide a consistent framework for every our event.


There is no single aesthetic component, which, alone, can define an event. Even the most spectacular flowers, when not properly lit or balanced with the perfect table top, cannot convey a complete style story. We believe that all of the components of design must be considered and applied in a smart, balanced way in order to achieve the most successful event design.


The essence of contemporary style is not the common association with “modern” design, but instead all that relates to the present time-what is happening now. Our events is on top of the trends and ahead of the curve so your event is a reflection of the moment in which it occurs.


The way your design elements interact, just like the way your guests interact, is crucial to the success of your event design. We are committed to the connectivity between each element of your event, from how the fonts look on the page to how the candles are placed on the table.